September 6: Pavilion "Moonshine River
Band" 6-1
September 20th: Pavilio
n "The Max Ryder
(Possible Oktoberfest late in September...
will let you know soon!)

Our weekly specials:
We're looking forward to cooking some
awesome fall specials for you!
Summer is finally HERE!
The arrival of baby ducks was a nice
reminder that spring had indeed
arrived... we've watched a few
disappear according to nature's
survival of the fittest, and watched
the remainders grow and slowly
stray further and further from mama
as they help keep the yard free from

Summer residents and visitors have
been a welcome sight, and our
Saturday BBQ and Live Music series
has begun, gaining momentum each
week.  We've sold the diner to Mom -
Judy Hastings - so more time to
finish moving to Wanakena and
settling in to more projects this year.
 The pavilion will slowly transform
this summer into a year-round
"cabana" for everyone to enjoy the
beautiful waterfront.  One set of
Horseshoes is back in - one more to
come, so anyone looking for a game
should stop in and put them to use!

More work on the docks is
scheduled along with other "facelift"
projects... gonna be a BUSY summer!
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wilderness In addition to our traditional hamburgers, cheeseburgers & bacon cheeseburgers, our selections include…
The Mountain Burger $5.50, served with chips
(our traditional hamburger topped with American cheese and a scoop of home-made sweet mountain slaw – served on a Kaiser roll)
The Mushroom Swiss Burger $5.50, served with chips
(traditional burger topped with Swiss cheese and sautéed mushrooms – served on a Kaiser roll)
The Chili Burger  $5.50, served with chips
(a traditional burger topped with our home-made chili and mozzarella cheese – flavorful but not overly spicy!)
The Monster CranBurger – “The burger that bites back!” $9.95  (TWO 1/3 pound beef patties with American cheese between them, topped with a fried egg, two slices of bacon, nacho cheese sauce and jalapenos –
served on a Kaiser roll and served with home-made fries! Hope you’re hungry!)
The “Couchsachraga Peak” Burger – (kook-sa-KRA-ga)      the 1st of our 46 peaks series at 3820 feet high!  $7.50, served with chips
(a half and half mixture of lamb and beef burger topped with maple caramelized onions – served on a Kaiser roll)
The “Nye Mountain” Burger – the 2nd of our 46 peaks series at 3895 feet high!  $7.50, served with chips
(a breaded chicken burger – chicken breast of course – topped with swiss cheese, ham and a dollop of Thousand Islands dressing – served on a Kaiser roll)
The “Cliff Mountain” Burger $6.50, served with chips - the 3rd of our 46 peaks series at 3960 feet high!  
(can you say “pizza burger”? our traditional hamburger topped with pepperoni, a deep-fried onion ring filled with our home-made marinara and topped with melty mozzarella cheese served on a Kaiser roll)
The “Blake Mountain” Burger $7.00, served with chips – the 4th in our 46 peaks series at 3960 feet high!
(a nice quality veggie burger dressed with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo – served on a Kaiser roll – a healthier choice for burger night!)  avail. after 12/8
The “East Dix” Mountain Burger  $8.50, served with chips – the 5th in our 46 peaks series at 4012 feet high!
(a criss-crossed mound of butterflied hot sausages, onions & peppers  topped with melted  American cheese and a drizzle of our own ghost pepper sauce – served on a Kaiser roll – how strong are your taste-buds??)
avail. after 12/15
The “Dial Mountain” Burger  $8.00, served with chips – the 6th in our 46 peaks series at 4020 feet high!
(crumbly blue cheese mounded on top of a breaded chicken patty with celery, tomato, jalapenos and our ghost pepper hot sauce – served on a Kaiser roll – just like eating chicken wings!) avail. after 12/22
The “Mount Emmons” Burger  $8.50, served with chips – the 7th in our 46 peaks series at 4040 feet high!
(this ‘meat and potatoes’ burger is our traditional beef patty sandwiched between two thick grilled slices of potato and tasty beef gravy  – served on a sourdough roll!) avail. after 12/29
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On another note...
ROOM #1 - $80
ROOM #2 - $90
Sleeps 4
Sleeps 4
Additional People = NO
Additional People = NO
1 Room Plus Bathroom
1 Bedroom, 1 Kitchen, Bathroom
Two Double Beds
Bedroom with 2 Double Beds
Microwave, Small Fridge
Separate Kitchen w/ Fridge & Stove
Kitchen Cabinets, Dishes
Kitchen Cabinets, Dishes
Table & Chairs
Table & Chairs
Wi - Fi
Wi - Fi
DVD player with movies
DVD player with movies
Waterfront View
Waterfront View
Dock Space Availability $15 per night
Dock Space Availability $15 per night

Discount Rates:   4-6 Nights -10%    7 Nights or more will have discount quoted.
All of our rooms in Wanakena are NON SMOKING and NON PET!
These rooms had not been used for awhile and we are putting a lot of effort into
making them nice rooms - PLEASE respect our policies!  
If you have smoked in any of them and they are deemed unrentable to a non-smoker later that day,
your credit card will be charged for an additional day.

CALL SUZIE AT (315) 309-0068

FOR EMERGENCIES, CALL THE BAR AT 315-848-2121 between 11am and 11pm

Most of the year, reservations cancelled within 48 hours of the reservation date have no penalty.  
Cancellations made under 48 hours will incur 50% of your total reservation price to your credit card.  Key
dates throughout the year will require a ONE WEEK cancellation policy.  They are: The Cranberry Lake Ice
Fishing Derby as well as the day before and the day after, all federally observed long holiday weekends
(such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Veteran's Day), Clifton-Fine graduation weekend, Ranger
School Graduation weekend, Ranger School Alumni Weekend, Wanakena Historic Days Weekend.

This area is famous for it's water and trails and natural beauty... as well as the famous suspension foot
bridge and quaint Wanakena General Store with unique goods and collectibles.  Have you hiked to the
giant white pine or seen the waterfalls on the Tooley Pond Road?  Ever been in a kayak in the morning
fog and hear your first loon of the season?  Been to a clambake at our pavilion parties?  Listened to the
art series musicians at the village gazebo?  There's always something going on here.... and much more to
come!  Of the approximate 55 miles of shoreline, nearly 45 miles of it is State Land with public access...
makes getting back to nature easy!
Enter starting street address:

City, State or Zipcode:
We have 2 waterfront motel rooms
available in Wanakena until October
31st - call Suzie at 315-309-0068.  
Or email us!
After October 31st, the two rooms will
be transitioning into additional dining
space, so we will be discontinuing the
motel business.
Find us on Facebook at:
Pine Cone Grill, Inc. - Wanakena